‘Let Me Finish, for God’s Sake!’: Fox News Shouting Match Erupts over Prisoner Swaps, Paying Ransom and What Exactly Counts as ‘Negotiating’

What’s the difference between a prisoner swap and “negotiating with terrorists”?

Guests on Fox News’ “Cashin’ In” nearly came to blows over the issue Saturday morning — even as they all seemed to basically agree that paying ransoms to terrorists encourages the taking of hostages.

“We need to show these terrorists that when they kidnap an American it does not result in a monetary compensation, it results in swift retaliation,” Michelle Fields said, arguing that European governments have been “subsidizing” terrorism by paying ransoms.

M*A*S*H veteran Wayne Rogers echoed Fields, saying, “All you do when you [pay ransoms] is encourage them to do more kidnappings,” but then he tried to make the case that a prisoner swap isn’t the same thing as negotiating.

But Fields wouldn’t stop interjecting.

“Let me finish, for God’s sake!” Rogers eventually shouted at Fields. “Will you shut up? What is the matter with you? Why do you have to talk all the time?”

The segment ended with this summary from Rogers: “It is not negotiating, but you’re a moron because you talk too much and you don’t think through it.”

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