‘Left-Wing Lunatic’: Hannity Fires Back at MSNBC Host Ed Schultz Over Islamic State Claim

Sean Hannity fired back at liberal MSNBC host Ed Schultz Thursday night, calling him a “left-wing lunatic” and dismissing the commentator’s claim that “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson wants to “take a page out” of the Islamic State playbook.

Hannity defended Robertson, who said during on appearance on Fox News Tuesday that Islamic militants must be converted or killed, with Hannity explaining that the reality TV star was simply saying that the terror group needs to be dissuaded from its radical ideology or be forcibly stopped from continuing its rampage.

“He’s saying that either they give up their murderous ideology or they will die and that’s the right attitude that our country should have,” Hannity said during Thursday night’s show.

Schultz had seized on Robertson’s comments and said he wants to borrow a strategy from the Islamic State.

“It’s absurd that Phil Robertson wants to take a page out of the ISIS playbook and use the convert or kill strategy,” Schultz said earlier this week. “It’s exactly what ISIS is doing throughout Syria and Iraq.”

Hannity’s panel addressed the issue, with liberal commentator Tamara Holder claiming that Robertson is “a backwoods guy” and with “Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade agreeing with Hannity that Robertson was taken out of context.

Watch the segment below:

This is the second time this week that Hannity has addressed and defended Robertson’s commentary. The host clashed Wednesday night with Imam Muhammad Siddeeq of the Nur-Allah Islamic Center over Islamic extremism and a similar comparison the faith leader made between the “Duck Dynasty” star and the Islamic State.

During the contentious segment, Hannity summarized Robertson’s belief that Islamic State extremists must “change their minds or we have to kill the people who are beheading innocent Americans.”

That recap didn’t satisfy Siddeeq, though, who said, “Doesn’t that sound like ISIS? Isn’t that what ISIS is saying?”

Watch Robertson’s initial comments about the Islamic State here.

(H/T: Mediaite)