Video: Stand-Up Comic Relentlessly Mocks ‘Global Warming Scare Industry’ and Nails Al Gore Impersonation

The “global warming scare industry” is all about money and “control,” stand-up comedian Michael Loftus argued during an extended and humorous rant on his new TV show “The Flipside.”

For about six minutes, Loftus ripped Al Gore and others that perpetuate the idea that global warming is ready to bring the world to an end — unless people pay more money to prevent it.

“Here’s the deal, folks. Al Gore and some other dudes bought some companies and stocks in green technology and now all they have to do is scare the living daylights out of you until you are begging for a carbon tax,” he said.

YouTube/The Flipside
YouTube/The Flipside

“They just tell you the debate is over. … That’s another funny one, the debate is over. ‘I’ll have to take all your money or the world will end. I’m sorry, the debate is over,’” Loftus joked, seemingly impersonating Gore.

Further mocking the claim, the comedian riffed, “99 percent of all scientists agree with me that I should have sexual relations with the mother your children. I’m sorry, the debate is over!”

Loftus went on to say that one day the world will run out of resources, but it should be “some dude at a private company” who invents new technology and natural energy sources.

“Don’t put a gun to my head and tell me I have to give up all my money and my rights to fix it,” he added.

Watch the entire video via “The Flipside” below: