‘Victims’ Whose Businesses Were Destroyed During Ferguson Riots Are Asked If Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson Has Reached Out to Them…

On Friday, Fox News host Sean Hannity hosted a group of Ferguson, Missouri, business owners who had their businesses destroyed by protesters during riots over the racially-charged police killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Hannity said they are true “victims” of the riots.

Both Hannity and contributor David Webb sharply criticized Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan for “stoking the flames” in the case, but paying little attention to the business owners. After playing video clips of each of the men’s statements on the Brown shooting, Webb asked the Ferguson business owners a simple question.

“All these victims that are sitting here in this audience, have any of you been contacted by Al Sharpton, by Farrakhan, by anyone who came down here to and did this?” Webb asked.

Not one of the business owners raised their hand.

(Fox News)
(Fox News)

“They’re there to shout, to stoke the fires,” Webb added. “They didn’t go back to Ferguson after the aftermath.”

But the show was really about telling the “untold” stories of the business owners, some of whom had their entirely livelihoods wiped away when protesters targeted their businesses in frustration.

Watch part of the segment via Fox News: