The Picture State Department Used to Promote ‘Freedom of Speech’ Leaves Some Asking, ‘You’re Joking Right?’

In a message posted on social media Wednesday morning, the U.S. State Department promoted the importance of “free speech” on one of its official Twitter accounts. However, the picture that accompanied the tweet had one user asking, “you’re joking, right?”

“In open societies, all faiths enjoy freedom of speech; under #ISIS rule, no such thing as freedom of expression,” the post stated.

The accompanying image showed a group of burqa-clad women promoting Sharia law, a restrictive legal framework supported by the Islamic State terrorist group.

If we are to give the State Department the benefit of the doubt, it is technically possible that the agency used the photo to illustrate the United States’ unyielding stance on free speech, even when that speech advocates directly or indirectly for the suppression of some other speech.

The State Department Twitter account that sent out the tweet, @ThinkAgain_DOS, is the agency’s “English-language outreach program” and has come under scrutiny in the past for being “ineffective” and “embarrassing.”

Sharia law, based on Islam, is an severely strict legal framework that mandates how individuals may live their lives. The system prohibits Muslims from leaving Islam, a crime referred to as apostasy and punishable by death.

Sharia law also outlaws depictions of the Prophet Mohammad or speaking critically of the prophet.

The Islamic State has stated its goal of establishing a global caliphate ruled by Sharia law.

(H/T: Weasel Zippers)