College Student Tweeted Maybe Slain Texas Deputy Deserved to Be Executed. One Day Later, Karma Hit Back Hard.

A Sam Houston State University student likely had no idea her tweet about slain Harris County deputy Darren Goforth would spark an Internet firestorm. She certainly didn’t think her message would ultimately lead to her arrest — but that’s what happened.

The student, Monica Foy, suggested in a Twitter post early Tuesday that perhaps Goforth did something to deserve being brutally executed while pumping gas in uniform. She accused the slain officer of having “creepy perv eyes” and later tweeted support for #BlackLivesMatter.


Goforth was ambushed and shot 15 times in the head and back by a gunman who police believe targeted him because he was a police officer. Police have arrested and charged Shannon J. Miles, 30, in the killing.

After a wave of negative feedback, Foy deleted her tweet and, eventually, her entire Twitter account.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Brady Fitzgerald said the officers received a call claiming Foy had an outstanding warrant for assault causing bodily harm out of Harris County, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Deputies proceeded to check for her name in their system and confirmed the outstanding warrant.

Foy was in police custody by the end of the day. She was reportedly released on bond at around 3 a.m. on Wednesday.

(Photo: Montgomery County Sheriff's Office)
(Photo: Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office)

But she may have more to worry about than the assault charge.

Sam Houston State University said in a statement that officials are reviewing Foy’s remarks to “determine if the code was violated following standardized due process.”

“The university has an ongoing commitment to taking actions that strengthen dialog and understanding between our students and the law enforcement community,” the statement added.