Bill O’Reilly Goes Off Script to Send Strong 15-Word Message to Obama After His Call for Gun Control

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly went off teleprompter Thursday evening to deliver a strong 15-word message to President Barack Obama: “You’re not going to change the Second Amendment. I have a right to protect myself.”

[sharequote align=”center”]”You’re not going to change the Second Amendment. I have a right to protect myself.”[/sharequote]

O’Reilly’s passionate message came moments after Obama called for increased gun control measures following the mass shooting that left 10 dead, including the shooter, at an Oregon community college.

“I don’t have a script here. I am just talking to President Obama right now,” O’Reilly said at the outset of his message.

The conservative pundit noted that Obama’s home city of Chicago has a massive problem with gun violence despite having some of the most stringent gun control laws in the nation.

“You don’t even mention the carnage in Chicago,” O’Reilly said to Obama. “You mention the individual things, like what happened in Oregon. But Chicago, it’s like it doesn’t even exist.”

O’Reilly then spoke on the issue of individual gun ownership, saying that police are a reactive force and that citizens should be allowed to arm themselves.

“I have a right to protect myself, because there are crazed animals like the guy in Oregon,” the Fox News host said. “There are people like that who will come after innocent people for no reason. And you are going to deny me protection? If I live out in a rural Oregon … where the nearest cop is 40 miles away? I can’t have a gun to protect my family?”

O’Reilly said that reasonable people are OK with registration laws and other simple measures, but said not enough is done to enforce what is already on the books. He suggested a 10-year minimum sentence for those who commit any sort of gun crime.

“That’ll cut down on gun crime right away,” he said. “But it will never stop the individual nuts.”

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