Contestant Instantly Knew the Major Conservative Journalist Who Served As Answer to ‘Jeopardy’ Question

Elusive media mogul Matt Drudge’s “Drudge Report” was the answer to an $800 question Thursday night on “Jeopardy” — and the contestant got the answer right.

“This man started his ‘Report’ in ’95; 10 yrs. later The Huffington Post was launched largely as a liberal alternative,” host Alex Trabek said.

Within seconds, Matt Jackson, the reigning Jeopardy champ from Washington, D.C., answered: “Who is Drudge?,” earning the contestant an $800 prize.

Thursday night was the seventh time Drudge’s popular site has been referenced, according the the show’s digital “J! Archive.” However, it was Report’s first appearance during a “Tournament of Champions” round.

Watch the clip below:

Drudge Report featured on JEOPARDY! 11/19/15

Posted by The American Mirror on Friday, November 20, 2015

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