Liberal Washington Post Columnist Agrees With Donald Trump: ‘Bill Clinton’s Sordid Sexual History’ Is ‘Fair Game’

Ruth Marcus, a liberal columnist for the Washington Post, used her column this week to argue that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is “right” to argue that former President Bill Clinton’s “sordid sexual history” is “fair game” to be used on the campaign trail against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

During a recent interview on “Fox and Friends Weekend,” Trump called the former president’s extramarital affairs “fair game” on the campaign trail.

Marcus called Trump and some of his comments “crude and vulgar” and said that he is “racist, sexist [and a] narcissist,” but that “he has a point about Clinton playing the ‘woman’s card,’ and about the male behavior that’s more concerning: her husband’s.”

“In the larger scheme of things, Bill Clinton’s conduct toward women is far worse than any of the offensive things that Trump has said,” Marcus wrote.

Marcus wrote that the former president’s conduct — including his “predatory behavior toward women” and “his inexcusable relationship with a 22-year-old intern” — is “far worse than any of the offensive things that Trump has said.”

According to Marcus:

“Ordinarily, I would argue that the sins of the husband should not be visited on the wife. What Bill Clinton did counts against him, not her, and I would include in that her decision to stick with him. What happens inside a marriage is the couple’s business, and no one else’s, even when both halves crave the presidency.

But Hillary Clinton has made two moves that lead me, gulp, to agree with Trump on the “fair game” front. She is (smartly) using her husband as a campaign surrogate, and simultaneously (correctly) calling Trump sexist.”

“These moves open a dangerous door,” she added. “It should surprise no one that Trump has barged right through it.”

Marcus also said that Hillary Clinton’s “attempt at outsourced outrage” may not do her any favors.

“Nothing would make the Clinton campaign happier than some good old-fashioned male chauvinist piggery directed her way — all the better to rile up female voters who seem surprisingly nonchalant about the prospect of electing the first female president,” Marcus argued.

Marcus later defended her position on Twitter.