Washington Post Writer Calls Crowd Photo at Donald Trump Massachusetts Rally ‘Absolutely Mind-Boggling’

Photos of an arena filled to the brim and vast lines of supporters waiting to see GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump is “absolutely mind-boggling,” according to a Washington Post reporter.

Chris Cillizza speculated that the photos of the colossal number of supporters at the Lowell, Massachusetts, rally Monday night could be evidence that the assumption held by many observers that Trump’s supporters won’t turn out to actually vote could be erroneous.

“[T]he willingness of so many people to wait so long in such cold temperatures simply for the chance to see Trump speak would suggest that the idea that his supporters won’t be the sort of people to sit through the long caucus process of Iowa or turn out to vote in the frigid cold of New Hampshire might be misguided,” Cillizza wrote.

LOWELL, MA - JANUARY 4:  Republican candidate for President Donald Trump speaks to thousands of spectators at a rally in Lowell, Massachusetts on Monday evening January 4, 2016. (Photo by Melina Mara/The Washington Post)
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to thousands of spectators at a rally in Lowell, Massachusetts, Jan. 4. (Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

“Ditto the idea that Trump’s bubble would burst or the ardor with which his backers regard him would fade,” Cillizza said, adding that the “Trump phenomena isn’t going away.”

According to Cillizza, Trump’s Massachusetts rally Monday night was held at the Tsongas Center, which can seat 8,000 people. Local officials said the building was filled, at least, to capacity.

The high temperature in Lowell for Monday barely hovered above freezing.