Leonardo DiCaprio Caught on Camera in Hilarious Golden Globe Moment — and It Involves Singer Lady Gaga

As she made her way to the stage to receive her Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Limited Series, singer Lady Gaga — who won for her role in “American Horror Story: Hotel” — was heading past the table occupied by actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

In what may be the most replayed clip of the night, a camera captured DiCaprio’s face before Gaga passed by — and he was snickering apparently with someone at a nearby table.

While it’s unclear if the actor was guffawing at Lady Gaga’s victory, DiCaprio’s lighthearted expression turned in a flash to a tad, um, startled as Gaga brushed against him on her way to the stage.

Check it out:

One wonders what Leo will say when he’s asked about the candid moment.

DiCaprio won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama, for “The Revenant.”

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