Megyn Kelly Asks Black PBS Host if Race Relations Are Better After 7 Years of Obama — His Answer Is Immediate

PBS host Tavis Smiley told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on Monday’s “The Kelly File” that President Barack Obama has failed black Americans during his time in office.

“On the subject of race, are we better off now than we were seven years ago?” Kelly asked.

“I’m not sure we are, and I think ultimately the president missed a moment,” Smiley said.

He said that in his new book he tried to lay out how “on every leading economic issue, on the major economic issues black Americans have lost ground in every one of those leading categories. So for the last 10 years it hasn’t been good for black folk.”

“This is the president’s most loyal constituency that didn’t gain any ground really in that period,” he added. “Now, the debate’s going to be for years to come whether he wasn’t bold enough, or whether he obstructed.”

“I think the answer’s both,” Smiley continued. “Historians are going to have a field day juxtaposing how in the era of the first black president, the bottom fell out for black America. Black people are still in many ways politically marginalized, socially manipulated, and economically exploited. That’s a lot to try to square how all that happened in the era of the first black president.”