An Amazing Life Hack That Will Actually Defrost Your Frozen Windshield in Seconds

Aptly named WATE-TV weatherman Ken Weathers has a solution for eliminating lingering windshield ice in mere seconds, according to a video he posted on his Facebook page Jan. 5.

In the video, the Knoxville, Tennessee, meteorologist empathized with drivers who were frustrated by the two traditional — but tedious — methods used to defrost windshields on a frigid winter morning: warming up the car “for a long period of time” while keeping the defroster on and wasting gas, and using the time-consuming scraper to hack away at stubborn ice.

Instead, Weathers said, “here’s a better way” for fed-up drivers to counteract ice with a simple solution — literally. Just mix 1/3 part water with 2/3 part rubbing alcohol. After the solution is mixed together, just pour the liquid into a spray bottle and apply to the frozen windshield and — voila! — the ice disappears instantly.

This solution works, according to Weathers, because rubbing alcohol has a freezing point of 128 degrees below freezing. Thus, it is perfectly safe to stash the spray bottle in a car during the wintertime for ready use.

Some, however, have expressed their concerns on Facebook regarding the application of rubbing alcohol to a car’s windshield, wondering whether or not it will corrode the paint if it accidentally touches it. Others noted that the strength of the rubbing alcohol used may also contribute to any negative side effects. Others recommend using vinegar instead of the rubbing alcohol.

Watch Weathers’ video below:


Clearing frost solutionAn EASY way to clear frost off your windshield if you have to park outside at night!

Posted by WATE Ken Weathers on Tuesday, January 5, 2016


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