Mother of Benghazi Victim Gives Her Reaction to Seeing Michael Bay’s ’13 Hours,’ Screams ‘Hillary Is a Liar!’ on the Air

During an interview on “The Kelly File” to discuss Michael Bay’s new film, “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi,” family members of two of the victims of the attacks on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012, said that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is not being truthful in her account of what occurred during the attack and its aftermath.

Patricia Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, one of the four men killed during the attacks, told Kelly that she had to leave the theater when she saw an actor portraying her son during a screening of the film.

“I couldn’t handle it,” Smith said.

An emotional Smith also said that Clinton lied to her about the attacks.

“Hillary is a liar!” she said. “I know what she told me.”

Smith called Clinton’s version of events “plain old bull.”

“I know what she said, and not only did she say it, but [President Barack] Obama said the same thing to me, and [Secretary of Defense Leon] Panetta, and [Vice President Joe] Biden, and [Ambassador] Susan Rice, I went up to all of them, begging me to tell them what happened, and they all said that it was the video. Every one of them.”

Charles Woods, the father of Tyrone Woods, who lost his life during the attacks, said that the film was a “positive” and “powerful” experience.

Woods also discussed a journal entry he had written following his conversation with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after the death of his son.

Woods said that he didn’t want to politicize his son’s death, because it would dishonor him and his sacrifice, but he maintained that Clinton has not offered a truthful account of what occurred.

“I’ll just read what I said, and let people – whether you’re Democrat or Republican or Independent – draw your own conclusions,” Woods said.

“I gave Hillary a hug and shook her hand,” Charles read from his notebook. “And she said, ‘We are going to have the filmmaker arrested who was responsible for the death of your son.'”

Woods’ son Jeremiah confirmed that his father had offered him a similar account of Clinton’s remarks the same evening.

“That was what we were going on, really, for over a month after he passed,” Jeremiah Woods said.

Kelly, a former lawyer, called the notes “admissible” in a court of law.

Clinton has denied blaming the video for the attacks in conversations with the families of the victims.