Two Men Are Bested by a Vehicle When Attempted Carjacking Goes Awry

Two armed carjackers in Dallas received an unpleasant surprise Wednesday as they attempted to make their escape only to discover that neither one of them could even drive the specific type of car that they had stolen: a stick shift.

The two suspects allegedly approached the owner of a parked Ford Mustang GT in South Oak Cliff Wednesday and demanded that he relinquish his car to them, according to KTVT-TV. When the driver would not listen to the would-be car thieves, a scuffle ensued during which shots rang out and the car’s owner was grazed on leg by a bullet.

Almost immediately after the two alleged carjackers jumped into the vehicle and attempted to make their quick exit from the scene, they were startled to realize that neither one of them could get the car out of gear, KTVT reported. After they came to the conclusion that the Ford Mustang GT was, in fact, a manual transmission, and commenced to stall out several more times, the two men leaped back out of the car and ran off on foot.

The two suspects have not yet been located, though the Dallas Police maintain that they have several leads on the men’s possible whereabouts. The stick shift-driving owner did not require medical attention and was released by investigators at the scene, as he was in good enough condition to do what the armed carjackers could not: get his own car into the correct gear and drive it home.


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