Women of ‘The View’ Turn on Guest Host When She Asks If Exclusively Black Programming Increases Racial Division

“The View” co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Sonny Hostin ripped into one of their guest hosts Thursday afternoon, after that guest insinuated that actor Stacey Dash was right when she said that African-Americans in pop culture further segregation.

Dash said on “Fox and Friends” Wednesday that she doesn’t believe there should be a Black Entertainment Television channel, in addition to award ceremonies that give awards only to African-Americans, because either America wants “segregation or integration.” BET, along with those awards ceremonies, Dash contended, further segregation.

Image source: screenshot
Image source: screenshot

Hostin said, much to the audience’s approval, that Dash merely made those comments in order to make money and to pander to those who are “scared of people who don’t look like them,” while addressing the fact that Dash has hosted many African-American award ceremonies, in addition to being featured on the cover of many African-American magazines.

“She’s doing it for the dollar,” Hostin said. “When you compromise your values for money … you know who you are.”

Guest host Paula Faris, a reporter with ABC News, went on to say that it’s great to celebrate “uniqueness,” but posed to the liberal hosts whether or not organizations that group themselves together somehow create segregation, even if it’s just “subconsciously.”

Hostin, however, took offense to the question, and replied aggressively.

“No. No, it’s not, Paula,” she said. “The bottom line is the reason there is a Black History Month is that, as far as I remember, when I was in school, I knew nothing about my history. I wasn’t taught about my history.”

Goldberg, ignoring Faris’ question, went on to pose a question of her own to Faris, asking her exactly what she knows about black history, outside of the fact that there were once African-American slaves. Goldberg, explaining the basis of her question, said that she doesn’t believe non-white history is taught enough in American schools.

“American history is all of us, but we are not all treated like Americans,” Goldberg said. “And one of the reasons that there is a BET is because networks wouldn’t take a lot of the shows that have all black casts.”

However, Faris reminded the hosts that she believes Dash “missed the point” in her comments on Wednesday.

Watch part of the exchange below:

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