Why One Fox News Host Thinks Conservatives ‘Should Be Empathetic’ to ‘#OscarsSoWhite’ Movement

Fox News host Andy Levy argued Friday that conservatives “should be empathetic” to the “#OscarsSoWhite” movement which has assailed the Academy for not nominating a person of color for any of the major awards this year.

Levy said at the outset of his monologue that the conservative response to the controversy has “ranged from the sneering to the indifferent.”

“But let me suggest that in reality, conservatives should be empathetic to what black filmmakers are saying,” he said. “Why? Because they make similar arguments.”

Levy explained.

“How often do conservatives talk about being underserved and overlooked by Hollywood?” he asked. “How often do conservatives complain that movies they like — ‘Lone Survivor,’ ‘American Sniper,’ ’13 Hours’ — don’t get recognition from the Academy? Don’t conservatives say, ‘I’m not watching the Oscars because the movies that get nominated don’t represent me’?”

[sharequote align=”center”]”How often do conservatives talk about being underserved and overlooked by Hollywood?”[/sharequote]

Levy continued, “And don’t conservatives argue that the Oscars aren’t even the real problem? That the real problem is the people who run the studios being liberal and making liberal movies?”

“Well, substitute ‘white’ for ‘liberal’ and that’s pretty much exactly what Spike Lee said earlier this week,” he added.

Levy acknowledged that there are differences between the arguments the two groups make, but contended they are similar in nature.

“Sure, conservatives can argue correctly that ideology and race are two different things. And black people can argue correctly that decades of being cast as drug dealers, gangstas, etcetera raises their issues to a whole different level,” he said. “But ultimately it comes down to the same thing: there is a sameness to the people who make movies, ethnically and ideologically. And if that doesn’t change, nothing else will.”

(H/T: Independent Journal)

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