‘This Was God’s Will’: Iran’s Supreme Leader Boasts of U.S. Sailors’ ‘Surrender’

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Sunday gave the hero’s treatment to Iranian Revolutionary Guard personnel who captured 10 sailors on two U.S. boats earlier this month, saying it was “God’s will” that the Americans were drawn into Iranian waters only to be then forced to “surrender.”

“He [God] drew them to our waters and brought you upon them so they put their hands behind their heads in surrender. This was God’s will,” Khamenei said according to a translation by Iran’s Press TV.

“This happened in perfect timing. You did an excellent job,” he added.

Press TV posted this video of the visit:

Khamenei’s office later tweeted this graphic, which again appeared to gloat about the Americans’ capture.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard released the 10 sailors shortly after they were captured. Iranian media outlets broadcast images of the detained soldiers with their hands behind their heads, the image to which Iran’s top leader was referring.

Front image: Atta Kenare/Getty Images