Watch: Ted Cruz Cracks a Joke on Donald Trump in Light of ‘Two Corinthians’ Gaffe

At an Iowa campaign event Monday, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz cracked a joke on front-runner Donald Trump and his “two Corinthians” gaffe.

While answering a question at a town hall meeting, Cruz referred to a Bible verse from the book of 2 Chronicles. Before he could finish the verse, someone interrupted Cruz and said, “two Chronicles.”

Without missing a step, Cruz launched into his joke.

“Well, you know, two Corinthians walk into a bar …” he quipped, much to the crowd’s approval. The joke was aimed at Trump’s mispronunciation of Paul’s second set of letters to the church at Corinth, which came during his speech at Liberty University’s convocation Jan. 18.

During that speech, Trump said “two Corinthians” instead of “second Corinthians.”

The billionaire businessman later blamed the mistake on Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, saying Perkins wrote that line for him.

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