Caught on Video: Road Rage Sparks Crazy ‘Star Wars-Style’ Fight in Middle of Road

Two men had a “Star Wars-style” fight in the middle of an Austin, Texas, road, according to Noel Esquiveo, who captured video of the confrontation.

Esquiveo attributed the fight to road rage.

“He got out of his car with the bat, and I thought, I’m just going to start recording,” Esquiveo told KEYE-TV.

KYW-TV has the footage of the fight:

“You just really see that guy with the bat, going after the other dude,” Esquiveo told KEYE.

Esquiveo said that the two men made “rude, obscene” gestures to each other from their cars. Then when the light turned red, they got out of their cars to fight.

“I was actually thinking that guy was going to pull out a gun right there when he jumped in the car,” Esquiveo said.

But when the light turned green, they both got back in their cars and drove away before police arrived; but they are investigating the confrontation as an aggravated assault.

TheBlaze has not confirmed the veracity of the video. It is possible the fight could have been staged by someone seeking viral fame.