Doc & Skip’s ‘#WordsThatDontDescribeHillary’ Hashtag Trends, Prompts Reaction from The New York Times

Conservative radio hosts Doc Thompson and Skip LaCombe rankled the New York Times and many on the left Tuesday when a hashtag they created started trending on social media.

TheBlaze radio hosts created the hashtag, “#WordsThatDontDescribeHillary,” as “a reaction” to Lena Dunham’s request for the media to stop using certain words when describing Hillary Clinton, Thompson said.

Thompson and LaCombe read part of Dunham’s list of the words that she said she wants banished from using to describe the Democratic frontrunner. The duo suggested listeners create a new list of words that don’t describe the Democratic frontrunner and post them on Twitter with the hashtag “#WordsThatDontDescribeHillary.”

Giving listeners and Twitter followers an example, Thompson tweeted the one word many people believe does not describe the candidate.

TheBlaze Radio audience responded.

Even James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal joined the fun.

Taranto’s word, “eleemosynary” is an adjective, meaning “charitable.”

Within minutes, the hashtag was trending and stayed a hot topic for a few hours.

The New York Times also took notice of the trending hashtag and posted a piece on its Women In The World vertical.

The Times piece took exception with one of Thompson’s tweets about Mrs. Clinton, declaring his use of the word “cankles” to be sexist.

Doc and Skip start talking about Dunham’s language demands and kick off the hashtag challenge, starting at the 11:38 mark of this clip.


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