Poll: Cost Is Driving Americans Away From Obamacare Plans

About half of all uninsured Americans opted against buying Obamacare health insurance plans because the prices are too high, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation Health Tracking poll.

The Kaiser poll was conducted among 1,204 adults across the country.

A look at healthcare.gov. A recent GAO report found that some insurers are covering elective abortions, which raises concerns about taxpayer dollars going toward the procedure, which is against a provision in the Affordable Care Act. (AP/Jon Elswick)
AP/Jon Elswick

The news also comes as the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office reports that 13 million people are likely to purchase Obamacare plans this year, a decrease of about 8 million. Open enrollment for health care ends Jan. 31.

Fines for not buying a plan are increasing in 2016, with the smallest fine at $695, which is up from $325 in 2015, and an average fine of $1,000 per household.

The Department of Health and Human Services did not provide a statement based on the CBO’s findings, but an HHS official told TheBlaze that 11.5 million people have selected plans and that the department estimates some 17.6 million Americans gained coverage through the Affordable Care Act. CBO estimated that 17 million people would gain coverage through 2015.