Rand Paul Rips Into Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders for Email Scandal and Socialism

GOP presidential hopeful Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul went on the offensive against the two leading Democratic presidential candidates Tuesday morning during an interview with SiriusXM Patriot as part of the SiriusXM Town Hall series.

Speaking to Breitbart News’ Stephen K. Bannon, Paul said that he believes Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton “ought to be indicted” for her email scandal.

Image source: SiriusXM/Maro Hagopian
Republican presidential candidate Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (Image source: SiriusXM/Maro Hagopian)

“I think that what she did is not that much different than what [Gen. David] Petraeus did, and probably a lot worse than what Petraeus did,” Paul said. “Petraeus revealed some private or classified information to his mistress — one person. Hillary Clinton revealed thousands of potentially classified emails to hundreds of different people.”

“So I think if they consistently apply the law, then yeah, she ought to be indicted,” he added.

When it comes to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Paul said it “scares” him that a significant portion of voters in the United States support the self-described Democratic socialist.

“The thing that scares me more about the election than the Republican side or anything is actually that a significant portion of our population is wanting to choose Bernie Sanders,” he said, “that they’re willing to embrace socialism.”

“Socialism is a failed system that leads to poverty, but it’s also ultimately predicated upon force … and people laugh and say, ‘Bernie is not for the gulag,'” Paul added. “Look at the ultimate cause of what he is for — it can only be accomplished at the point of a gun.”

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