Watch Clinton’s Reply When Asked If She’s ‘Willing to Say’ She Had ‘Error in Judgement’ Over Emails

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton refused to say Monday evening that the way she handled the controversy over her emails showed an “error in judgement.”

Clinton’s remark came in response to a question from Chris Cuomo during CNN’s Democratic town hall. She said skewering the way she handled her emails was a “fair criticism” and expressed some regret, but wouldn’t go further when pressed.

“Are you willing to say it was an error in judgment and that you should have apologized sooner?” Cuomo asked.

“No, I’m not willing to say it was an error in judgement because nothing I did was wrong,” Clinton replied. “It was not in any way prohibited.”

“Not apologizing sooner, I mean,” Cuomo clarified.

Clinton maintained her position, explaining that it “takes time to get the facts” and that her campaign has been “sorting our way through this” as quick as possible.

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