Watch How Glenn Beck Responds When CNN Anchor Seemingly Suggests He Helped Create Donald Trump

Glenn Beck pushed back against CNN anchor Chris Cuomo’s charge that seemingly suggested the radio show host helped create Donald Trump. Beck told Cuomo that, in fact, he has “warned against” a presidential candidate like Trump.

“Is there a little bit of reap-what-you-sow in some of this with the GOP, that engendering an oppositional mode towards government, in ratcheting up negativity as a mainline discourse, you wound up somewhat birthing Donald Trump?” the “New Day” anchor asked Beck Monday.

Glenn Beck discusses his endorsement of Ted Cruz with CNN's Chris Cuomo.
Glenn Beck discusses his endorsement of Ted Cruz with CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

According to Beck, the answer to that question is a resounding, “No.” Beck went on to tell Cuomo that those who “actually, really believed in” the Tea Party would not stand with Trump, either.

“Those who stood for the Tea Party and actually, really believed in it were standing for constitutional principles,” Beck said. “Now, are there those in the Republican Party who believe in the executive power more than the constitutional power, yes.”

Beck also told Cuomo that, during his tenure at Fox News, he often “warned” against the “progressive movement.”

“I’ve warned against this. If you go back to my shows on Fox, I warned the progressive movement — and that’s what this is, Donald Trump is a progressive, make no mistake. He believes in the power of the pen, I don’t,” Beck said.

Beck went on to say that he believes the progressive party was started by Republicans, citing former President Theodore Roosevelt, who was a Republican, as the author of progressive ideology in the White House.

“This idea of an ever-expanding power inside the presidency is something that both parties have,” Beck concluded.

Watch the exchange:

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