Famed Feminist Says Hillary Clinton’s ‘Blame-Men-First Feminism’ Isn’t Doing Her Campaign Any Favors

In an op-ed Wednesday for Salon.com, feminist author and professor Camille Paglia wrote that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s flawed brand of feminism may cost her the 2016 election.

“During her two presidential campaigns, Hillary Clinton has consistently drawn greater support from women than men,” Paglia wrote. “Is this gender lag due to retrograde misogyny, or does Hillary project an uneasiness or ambivalence about men that complicates her appeal to a broader electorate?”

Paglia argued that Clinton seeks to “blame men first,” thus alienating them from her brand of feminism.

Undated photograph of Prof. Camille Paglia of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. (Image Source: Macleans)
Camille Paglia (Image Source: Macleans)

“Hillary has unfortunately adopted the Steinem brand of blame-men-first feminism, which defines women as perpetual victims requiring government protections,” Paglia wrote. “Hillary’s sometimes impatient or patronizing tone about men, which can perhaps be traced to key aspects of her personal history, may prove costly to her current campaign.”

Paglia wrote that Clinton is hardly the feminist that she makes herself out to be.

“At every point, her professional life, culminating in a partnership at the Rose Law Firm, was at least partly derived from her association with [Bill Clinton] — not an ideal feminist paradigm,” Paglia wrote.

Paglia contends that Clinton’s brand of feminism could prove problematic for her in the 2016 election.

“Perhaps it may be impossible for hard-driving career women, schooled in the curt, abrasive Northern style, to give an inch and show that they actually like men as they are,” Paglia wrote. “But a top-tier politician like Hillary Clinton is narrowing her presidential chances when she privileges elite professional women at men’s expense.”

Read Paglia’s entire op-ed here.