Glenn Beck Goes Nuclear on ‘Bully’ Donald Trump for Skipping Debate, Then Issues Warning

Glenn Beck penned a lengthy Facebook note Tuesday night reacting to Donald Trump’s decision to skip Thursday’s Fox News debate, calling the Republican frontrunner a “bully” and warning about what his presidency could mean for America.

Beck, who endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) over the weekend, said he would only believe Trump would actually skip the debate “when I see it.”

“However this is not surprising if you follow the pattern of Donald Trump,” the conservative radio host added. “We already have a president who will not talk to Fox News. Now Donald Trump? Only liberal progressives block Fox.”


Beck praised Fox News host Megyn Kelly for being unafraid of Trump and said she should take pride in being criticized by him.

“Donald Trump is a bully and like all bullies he is afraid of people who are actually strong and truly self confident,” Beck wrote. “Megyn should be flattered. Bullies don’t attack the weak. They first go after the strongest first. If they can beat them, the rest will fall in line.”

Beck warned “with as much conviction as I warned in 1999 about Osama Bin Laden attacking NYC” that Trump is a “dangerous man.”

“I warn you: Donald Trump or anyone that is a big government progressive with narcissistic tendencies who will preach populism and nationalism in a time of economic and social unrest is a dangerous road to go down,” he wrote. “This is not about Donald Trump.”

Beck said that Trump was “entering a phrase I didn’t think he would get to until he was the nominee or the actual President.”

“He believes himself to be unstoppable and above what the ‘little people’ have to do or how they must act that he will do whatever he wants,” he wrote. “And his crowd will cheer him on, just as he predicted.”

Here’s Beck’s full post:

No Donald on the debate on Thursday? First let me say: I will believe it when I see it. However this is not…

Posted by Glenn Beck on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

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