Reporters Claim There Is ‘Small but Growing Group’ of Journalists ‘Banned’ From Trump Events

A writer for the liberal publication Mother Jones claims she was not allowed in to cover Donald Trump’s rally in Des Moines, Iowa, Thursday night — and she wasn’t the only one.

Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally raising funds for US military veterans at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa on January 28, 2016. US Republicans scrambling to win the first contest in the presidential nomination race were gearing for battle at high-profile debate in Iowa, but frontrunner Donald Trump is upending the campaign by defiantly refusing to attend. Trump's gamble has left the presidential race in uncharted waters just days before Iowans vote on February 1, insisting he will not back down in his feud with debate host Fox News.Instead, the billionaire has doubled down, hosting a rogue, rival event for US military veterans at the same time that his own party is showcasing its candidates for president to all-important Iowa voters. (WILLIAM EDWARDS/AFP/Getty Images)
Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally raising funds for U.S. military veterans at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, Thursday. (William Edwards/AFP/Getty Images)

“Tonight I joined a small but growing club of reporters who have been banned from Donald Trump events,” Pema Levy wrote in a post on the website. But, she added, “officially, this is not true.”

Levy said a spokeswoman for Trump told her the reason she wasn’t allowed in was because the event was “well over capacity” — a reason other campaigns have given in the past for not letting in reporters to popular events.

However, every journalist I encountered got in – including a reporter from Canada who was promptly credentialed,” Levy continued.

But she did cite at least three other journalists who weren’t allowed in, including BuzzFeed’s McKay Coppins, the Daily Beast’s Olivia Nuzzi and one “German reporter” whom she didn’t name.

“The reporters banned from @realDonaldTrump events have found each other,” Levy later tweeted.

“More Trump events will take place this campaign season, and perhaps Mother Jones reporters’ luck will change. But I’m not holding my breath,” Levy wrote at the conclusion of the post. “It seems that once Trump and his team have decided someone is not on the list, their word is just about final.”