Video: ‘White Privilege Glasses’ Allow White Man to See the World Through Lens of a Black Person

What if a white person could see the world through the lens of a black person?

A new video posted online tackled that very question, depicting a man obtaining a pair of “white privilege glasses” that allowed him to see the world as if he were black.

The Chicago Theological Seminary, the organization that produced the short film, held a launch event on Monday, debuting the video and holding a Q&A about the program.

CTS’ president Alice Hunt spoke about the thinking behind the 161-year-old Progressive Protestant group’s campaign.

“We create space for difficult conversations to happen,” Hunt told the audience.

Addressing about the discussion she hoped the video would prompt, Hunt said, “I hope every white person that see it, pauses for a moment and says, ‘Oh my goodness — yeah, we need to think about that.'”

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