‘Trigger Warning’: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Invades College Students’ ‘Safe Spaces,’ Gets Priceless Reactions

Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog, a foul-mouthed dog puppet manned by comedic star Robert Smigel, recently visited the University of New Hampshire to quiz a group of liberal arts students on political correctness, microaggressions and “safe spaces.”

“No Democratic contender can win without seeking support of college students, many of whom are aggressively pushing an agenda based on political correctness,” the dog said before quizzing his student focus group.

Image source: Youtube/screenshot
Image source: YouTube

Triumph talked with his focus group on the topics of gender identification, “mansplaining” and “trigger warnings.” After one of the students explained what a trigger warning is, Triumph gave one of his own.

“Trigger warning,” he said. “In this video there will be the clear depiction of a dog pretending to be interested in what a college student is saying.”

Triumph also attempted to show the students how to properly address a woman in 2016. “May I hump your leg?” he asked one female student.

“No,” she replied, as the video shows the dog puppet humping her leg.

“Please understand,” Triumph responded. “I may look like a dog, but I identify as a shin guard.”

After more ironic and hilarious attacks on the students, Triumph decided he wanted to do a “social experiment” with them. So he brought in an obese, African-American man, who came in and said a few words while eating some candy. After the man left, a police sketch artist came into the room, and Triumph asked the students to describe the man to the sketch artist.

However, the students were extremely reluctant to describe the man to the artist, as they were afraid to be politically incorrect.

Watch the entire video below:

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