Super Bowl Champion Peyton Manning and NBA Legend Magic Johnson Play ‘Egg Russian Roulette’

Denver Broncos quarterback and Super Bowl 50 champion Peyton Manning and NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson played “Egg Russian Roulette” during an appearance on NBC’s “Tonight Show” Wednesday.

“Eight of them have been hard boiled,” host Jimmy Fallon began, mimicking a Russian accent. “Four of them are still raw. You two will take turns selecting one egg at a time and smashing it on the top of your head.”

Fallon said the first one to smash two raw eggs on their head loses and told Manning to go first since he’s the “champion.”

“I had dreams growing up that would maybe have a chance to play Magic one-on-one someday. Never thought it would be in Russian Egg Roulette,” Manning said.

Both Manning and Johnson proceeded to smash a raw egg on their heads.

“This has never happened in the history of this game,” Fallon said. “I can’t even believe that this is real right now.”

Watch below to see who ultimately ended up with the most egg on their face: