‘We May Not Have Another Election’: Tony Perkins Issues Bold Warning if ‘Godly’ Leader Not Elected President

Conservative leader Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, issued a strong declaration Friday, warning voters that unless a “godly leader” is elected, the U.S. may no longer have presidential elections.

Perkins, who endorsed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for the Republican presidential nomination, said he felt “too much was at stake” to not get involved in the 2016 presidential race, adding that he believes “America is in trouble.”

The faith leader then went on to deliver his boldest statement, saying the U.S. cannot “afford” to “get it wrong one more time.”

“If we don’t elect a bold, courageous, godly leader in this next election, I’m afraid we may not have another election for our republic,” Perkins declared. “That is not hyperbole.”

According to Perkins, President Barack Obama’s policies is what created this “reality.”

“That is the reality based upon what this president’s policies have done to this nation,” he concluded.

Perkins was there to introduce conservative radio personality Glenn Beck, who has also endorsed Cruz and is campaigning with him in South Carolina this weekend.

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