Report: British Sniper Beheads Islamic State Terrorist With a Single Shot — While the Target Was Teaching Other Terrorists How to Behead Captives

A British Special Air Service sniper reportedly beheaded an Islamic State leader with a single shot as the terrorist commander taught other members of the group to behead captives, according to the Daily Express.

Image source: YouTube
Islamic State supporters send the terror group’s flag up a flag pole. (Image source: YouTube)

“Military sources” told the Daily Express that the terrorist “was demonstrating a cutting motion with his arm” to approximately 20 recruits when the sniper fired the bullet from more than three-quarters of a mile away.

The sniper’s single shot decapitated the terrorist and the group of trainees “fled” after their commander’s death, according to the Daily Express.

According to the paper, the incident took place in northern Syria. The sniper “used a Dan .338 rifle” and ammo designed to “tumble” through the air as it travels to inflict maximum damage. The sniper had to “aim more than a foot wide of the mark to adjust for wind conditions,” but he “hit his target first time.”

An unnamed “military insider” told the Daily Express that “one minute he was standing there and the next his head had exploded.”

“The commander remained standing upright for a couple of seconds before collapsing and that’s when panic set in,” the source said. “We later heard most of the recruits deserted. We got rid of 21 terrorists with one bullet.”