New Video of ‘The Simpsons’ Pokes Fun at 2016 Candidates: ‘What Is It With These Ding-Dongs?’

In a new video posted over the weekend, the hit television show “The Simpsons” poked fun at the remaining eight presidential candidates. The video, however, was made and released before former Florida Republican Gov. Jeb Bush dropped his presidential bid.

The video, titled “The Debateful Eight,” opens with Marge Simpson waking up from a nightmare and hyperventilating over a fight among Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Marge can’t quite handle the lack of manners of the candidates.

Image source: Youtube
Image source: Youtube

“What is it with these ding-dongs?” she asks her husband, Homer Simpson.

In an attempt to calm his wife down, Homer instructs Marge to “think good thoughts.”

“I know things look bad now, but just try to visualize another America: one where Republicans, Democrats and Donald Trump all get along,” he says.

Homer’s suggestion goes on to create a song-and-dance dream for Marge. While peaceful at first, the dream inevitably turns into an all-out brawl among the remaining eight presidential candidates. The video rips the candidates for everything from Clinton’s ties to Goldman Sachs to Marco Rubio’s almost robotic behaviors to Trump’s “flat-broke casinos.”

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