‘I Was Shocked’: David Barton Explains Why He Believes Revolution May Be Coming in the U.S.

Conservative activist David Barton believes a revolution is coming in the United States and, after studying the exit polls from the South Carolina Republican primary, his theory hangs on one word: “betrayal.”

“Well, I thought there would be a revolution, but not in the sense of having a physical revolution,” Barton said Monday on The Glenn Beck Radio Program.

Historian and Wallbuilders founder David Barton speaks on The Glenn Beck Program November 4, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)
Photo credit: TheBlaze TV

Barton, who leads the Keep the Promise PAC, a super PAC backing Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz, said the results of polling after the South Carolina contest left him “shocked.”

“I was shocked at not only the numbers, but the words that were behind some of the numbers. The questions that were literally asked and how people responded to that, it really gave me a lot of pause in a way that I have not done in recent years,” he said.

For Barton, it was the word “betrayal” that lead him to believe revolution is coming.

“Well, the term we’ll get into later is the term ‘betrayal,'” Barton said. “[Voters] feel betrayed, and when you look at betrayal and you look at what psychologists say that represents, that’s a scary term. It’s not like someone has just crossed me — betrayal is deep stuff.”

According to Glenn Beck, that feeling of betrayal has created the opportunity for a candidate like Republican front-runner Donald Trump. For years, Beck has been warning against what he refers to as the “Bubba Effect,” which is when people feel they have been pushed too far by an overbearing government and respond with force or violence.

“The Bubba Effect, I believe, is in full effect right now,” Beck argued. “I believe Donald Trump is the Bubba Effect, … based on some of these polls that are coming in. And they are frightening. They’re truly frightening when you read the exit polls and you know what you’re looking for.”

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