‘Call 911!’: Disturbing Video Shows Teen Delivering Brutal, Unexpected Right Hook to Fellow Student — and the Scary Seconds That Follow

A Texas high school student was rushed to the hospital Wednesday after getting punched in the face, hitting his head on a hallway floor and getting punched again.

Image source: LiveLeak
Image source: Live Leak

The incident at Brackenridge High School in San Antonio was captured on cellphone video and posted to social media. Students who saw the incident told KSAT-TV the victim was foaming at the mouth and having a seizure.

Image source: Live Leak
Image source: Live Leak

“This is very sad. This is very disturbing,” Leslie Price, San Antonio Independent School District spokeswoman, told WOAI-TV. “Something that can happen so quickly, but I think everybody can see what the consequences can be. Someone falls, they hit their head on the floor. It can be very serious.”

The incident occurred after the final lunch period of the day, Price told the WOAI, adding that the student who threw the punches is 17 and the victim is 18; both are seniors, KSAT reported.

Image source: Live Leak
Image source: Live Leak

After the victim hit the floor, others attempted to help him up and then voices on the video can be heard yelling “call 911!”

Here’s the full clip. (Content warning: Disturbing images and racial slurs):

“EMS was called as was the parent, and the student was transported to the hospital and from what I understand he is still there,” Price told KSAT.

Price didn’t immediately respond Thursday to the TheBlaze’s request for an update on the victim’s condition.

Price said the student who threw the punches tried to leave campus but was caught by school district police and faces aggravated assault charges, WOAI reported.

Students said the incident was over a girl, WOAI added.

UPDATE 1:07 p.m. ET: Price on Thursday told TheBlaze she doesn’t know if the victim has been released from the hospital, but the suspect’s aggravated assault charge is a “mandatory expellable offense” according to the student handbook.

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