‘Go Hillary! Go Hillary!’: Clinton Looks Quite Enthused Onstage Backed by R&B Band — Then She’s Encouraged to Dance

During a “Get Out the Vote” rally in Charleston, South Carolina, on Thursday evening, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was onstage with R&B singer Charlie Wilson and his band.

Clinton looked pretty happy to be up there with the former frontman of the Gap Band as he sang away.

Then — in the middle of the tune and backed by “Go Hillary! Go Hillary!” chants — Wilson began encouraging Clinton to join him in some dance moves.

At first Clinton smiled and only managed a “thumbs up”; then Wilson did some head nodding to the beat, and Clinton finally obliged — though apparently never moving her feet.

Here’s the evidence:

Wilson also led the crowd in chants of “Who’s the next president?”

“Let’s hear it for Charlie Wilson and the band!” Clinton told the audience when it was over.

Wilson is an 11-time Grammy nominee, including two 2016 Grammy nominations for Best Traditional R&B Performance for “My Favorite Part of You,” and Best R&B Album for “Forever Charlie.”

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)