Donald Trump Apparently Doesn’t Find Jokes About His ‘Small’ Fingers and Hands Very Funny. So What Do You Suppose Marco Rubio Just Did?

One might assume that after a few days of making fun of each other that Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Marco Rubio would move on to different campaign tactics.


Earlier Sunday, Trump posted a number of tweets in which he referred to Rubio as “Little Marco Rubio” and called him a “lightweight.”

Well, Rubio wasn’t taking that and hit back later Sunday with some quips about Trump’s “small hands,” an issue one writer noted that the billionaire real estate mogul has been sensitive about for decades.

“I’ll admit he’s taller than me; he’s like six-two,” Rubio told a crowd referring to Trump’s height, “which is why I don’t understand why his hands are the size of someone who’s five-two. Have you seen his hands? They’re like this.” Rubio then bent his fingers at the knuckles.

“And you know what they say about men with small hands?” the Florida senator added to hoots and hollers. “You can’t trust ’em, you can’t trust ’em, you can’t trust ’em.”