NY Times Reveals the Clintons’ Plan to Defeat Trump — and What They View As Their Greatest Weapon

The Clintons have started readying a plan to defeat Republican front-runner Donald Trump in a general election, according to a Monday report in The New York Times.

The report, based on interviews with more than two dozen advisers and Clinton allies, revealed that the Clintons believe their greatest weapon against the billionaire is the plethora of controversial and provocative comments he has made over the years toward women, minorities and others.

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Scott Olson/Getty Images

The campaign blueprint, currently being developed, has three parts, according to the Times:

The plan has three major thrusts: Portray Mr. Trump as a heartless businessman who has worked against the interests of the working-class voters he now appeals to; broadcast the degrading comments he has made against women in order to sway suburban women, who have been reluctant to support Mrs. Clinton; and highlight his brash, explosive temper to show he is unsuited to be commander in chief.


A staff member for an affiliated group, Correct the Record, which coordinates with Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, has collected footage of comments that have not hurt Mr. Trump’s standing among Republican primary voters, but that could be stitched together in what the group’s founder, David Brock, described as a montage of hateful speech that would appall a general electorate.

“Hope and change, not so much,” former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said describing it. “More like hate and castrate.”

[sharequote=”center”]”Hope and change, not so much. More like hate and castrate.” [/sharequote]

The plan would call for Bill Clinton to respond to Trump’s incendiary rhetoric, allowing Hillary Clinton to stay above the fray, the Times reported.

However, the report noted that there is still some worry whether conventional tactics will have any effect on Trump. According to the Times, both Clintons expect a contest against Trump would ultimately result in a close November election.

“Hillary has built a large tanker ship, and she’s about to confront Somali pirates,” Matthew Dowd, the top strategist for former President George W. Bush’s 2004 campaign, told The Times.

“Can you imagine what he’ll do?” she added, saying Clinton would bring up women’s issues, “And he’ll turn to her and say, ‘You can’t even handle your stuff at home.’ ”

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