Trump Attempts to Settle the Debate Surrounding Rubio’s ‘Small Hands’ Comment

In the latest development in the Trump-Rubio insult war, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump challenged Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s comment about his fellow candidate having “small hands.”

After Trump referred to Rubio as “Little Marco” in a tweet Sunday, the senator shot back, addressing an issue one writer alleged has been an insecurity of Trump’s for decades.

“I’ll admit he’s taller than me; he’s like 6-2, which is why I don’t understand why his hands are the size of someone who’s 5-2. Have you seen his hands? They’re like this,” Rubio told a crowd Sunday, bending his fingers at the knuckles.

“And you know what they say about men with small hands?” he added. “You can’t trust ’em, you can’t trust ’em, you can’t trust ’em.”

Trump took the opportunity to dispel Rubio’s allegations Tuesday at campaign event in Ohio.

“Actually, I’m like 6-3, not 6-2,” the billionaire businessman said. “He said I had small hands — they’re not small, are they? I never heard that one before. I’ve always had people say, ‘Donald, you have the most beautiful hands.'”

Apparently, Rubio was mistaken. But judging by the recent exchanges, the case is far from closed.