YouTubers Produce 360-Degree ‘Where’s Waldo?’ Interactive: See if You Can Spot Him

For nearly 30 years, children have spent hours trying to find “Waldo.”

But now two YouTubers, Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringe, are taking the classic challenge to a whole new level.

Image source: YouTube
Image source: YouTube

Gorski and Pueringe, who live in Los Angeles, have created a 360-degree interactive “Where’s Waldo?” video, using a GoPro camera and video-stitching software called Kolor.

The video was uploaded to YouTube Monday by CorridorDigital, a company that specializes in visual effects.

Gorski and Pueringe recorded various scenes, including at beaches and intersections, where “Waldo” is hidden.

See if you can find him:

(H/T: Daily Mail)