Krauthammer Scorches Trump’s ‘Very Weird’ Super Tuesday Two News Conference With Brutal Sentence

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer blasted Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday Two press conference, scorching the “very weird” performance with a line that garnered attention online.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a stream of disconnected ideas since I quit psychiatry 30 years ago,” Krauthammer said of Trump’s nationally-televised event.

“That was quite a performance. And it was very weird,” he added.

Trump showcased many of his now-defunct business products (Trump steaks, Trump Wine etc.) at his Tuesday press conference, leading many to compare it to an infomercial.

“The fact is — and this is the stunning thing about this election — without the tightening up, without the experts, without the prompter, he is where he is. … That was a performance,” Krauthammer said. “That was live television. That was reality television that nobody can do. And that has its appeal.”

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