Graphic New Video Emerges From Inside Vehicle Driven by Oregon Standoff Protestor Moments Before Fatal Shooting

“Shoot me. Just shoot me.”

Those were some of the last words uttered by 54-year-old Robert “LaVoy” Finicum before he was fatally shot by Oregon State Police near the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in January.

New video has just been released from the traffic stop that resulted in Finicum’s death, including the view from inside the car he was driving.

Image source: Oregonion
Image source: OregonLive

“I’m going to meet the sheriff,” Finicum told officers, moments before he began driving away.

Oregon State Police then fired at the moving vehicle, which was carrying at least one woman and a child.

That’s when Finicum got out of the white SUV and was shot three times in the back. One of the bullets pierced his heart, according to Photography Is Not a Crime.

“Did they kill him,” a voice from inside the vehicle is heard saying, moments after the shots were fired.

Six of the shots came from state troopers, while two came from an FBI agent, the Oregonian reported.

Each of the shots were later deemed as justified, because the officers were in fear for their lives.

The FBI has launched an investigation related to the two shots fired by one of its agents. The agent who fired the shots did not originally disclose that he had fired any shots, as TheBlaze reported Tuesday.

The Oregonian reported as many as four other agents may have helped cover up the fact that shots were fired. All five of those agents, part of an elite national unit, are now under criminal investigation by the U.S. Justice Department.