Bernie Sanders Makes Huge Promise to Voters on How His Administration Will Respond to Police-Involved Deaths

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is promising voters that, if elected president, his Justice Department will “investigate every killing of an American held in police custody or killed while being apprehended.”

The significant promise during the Democratic presidential town hall in Ohio came in response to a question on police-involved killings from the sister of Sam DuBose, who was fatally shot by an officer during a traffic stop in 2015.

“[If] people break the law, they must be held accountable,” Sanders said before vowing to make sure his DOJ is involved in every police-involved death.

Tasking the Justice Department with automatically investigating every single police-involved death would require a massive overhaul of the agency to handle the increase in workload. It would also likely be very expensive.

Watch the moment from the Ohio Democratic town hall below: