Guy at Trump Rally Caught on Video Telling Blacks to ‘Go Back to Africa’

A “Trump supporter” was heard telling two black women to “go back to Africa” — and the moment was captured on video.

“You call yourself an African-American, go back to Africa! If you’re an African first, go back to Africa,” the man, who was wearing camouflage clothing and a Cleveland Indians baseball hat, said outside Trump’s rally in Cleveland Saturday.

Tony Dokoupil, the MSNBC reporter who later tweeted the video, identified the man as a “Trump supporter.”

A black woman then shouted back at the white man, saying, “Go back to Europe!”

“Blacks murder other inner-city blacks. So f*** you,” the white man continued yelling.

The verbal confrontation happened the day after Trump was forced to cancel a rally in Chicago due to the threat of violence.

Jedidiah Brown, who is black, said he was told by Trump supporters in Chicago to “go back to Africa,” despite the fact that he has never been there. Brown was led off stage by security while protesting the event in Chicago.

“I’m an American citizen — the only place I’ve ever known,” Brown said.

(H/T: Addicting Info)