Hillary Clinton Sends Surprisingly Blunt Message to Coal Miners Currently Working in America

Hillary Clinton shocked voters during a Democratic townhall Sunday night, vowing to put “a lot of coal miners” out of business.

“We’re gonna put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business,” Clinton declared.

Clinton, who was advocating for policies similar to those of President Barack Obama, which have reportedly cut 125,000 jobs from the coal industry and cost more than $650 billion, made statements that didn’t quite align with her campaign’s official policy regarding America’s coal industry. The campaign has pledged a $30 billion plan to transition the industry to clean energy jobs, not simply put them out of business.

According to the Clinton campaign website, Clinton, as president, will “revitalize coal communities” to ensure that “coal miners, power plant operators, transportation workers, and their families get the respect they deserve and the benefits they have earned.” The former secretary of state also claims she will make “coal communities an engine of US economic growth in the 21st century.”

Still, Clinton’s remarks are surprising, given that there are upcoming Democratic primaries in the crucial coal-rich states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

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