Little Girl Claims She Visited Heaven and Met Jesus During Harrowing Accident. Filmmaker Reveals the Key Detail That Will Leave Even the Biggest Cynic ‘Questioning.’

Producer DeVon Franklin, whose new film “Miracles From Heaven” opens nationwide on March 16, believes that the real-life story about a little girl who claims that she visited heaven is so compelling that it will leave even the most cynical movie goers “questioning.”

As TheBlaze previously reported, “Miracles From Heaven” focuses on a little girl named Annabel Beam who survived a harrowing, real-life ordeal back in 2011 during which she was trapped for hours inside of a hollowed-out tree.

Her mother, Christy Beam, who published a book in 2015 that was also called “Miracles From Heaven,” has widely discussed her family’s claims that Annabel experienced a series of purported miracles, including meeting Jesus during the accident as well as experiencing a dramatic healing from a painful, chronic ailment.

The movie will now recount this story in detail, with Franklin recently telling TheBlaze during a sit-down interview in Nashville, Tennessee, that he has big hopes for “Miracles From Heaven.”

“I’m hoping that people walk out of the theater hugging their families, being grateful for life, inspired about what’s going on, believing in miracles and really having an experience that’s transformative,” the filmmaker said.

Listen to Franklin and Christy Beam — Annebel’s mother — discuss the movie and Annabel’s harrowing ordeal at the 33 minute mark below:

Franklin specifically addressed Annabel’s chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction — a condition that her family claims was miraculously healed after she was rescued from inside of the tree.

Doctors, who were purportedly left with no other explanation, simply said that the little girl was experiencing a “medically spontaneous remission” after her symptoms disappeared; Franklin and the Beam family, though, believe that it was all God’s handy work.

“That’s what I love about this story … when you take, for a moment, spiritually off of the table. So, medically … the only thing they can say is ‘spontaneous remission,'” Franklin said, going on to speak of non-religious people, specifically. “Even if [they] are saying, ‘I don’t know about the heaven thing’ no one can walk away from this film saying, ‘Oh, I know how that happened.”

He continued, “It’s so compelling that even the cynic will walk out of this questioning.”

Christy Beam, too, is hoping that “Miracles From Heaven” makes a big impact, explaining that she wants people to have a “new lens on life” after seeing her family’s ordeal being portrayed in the movie (side note: actress Jennifer Garner plays Christy Beam in the film — and Garner has also been profoundly impacted by the story).

Jennifer Garner, a cast member in "Miracles from Heaven," poses at the premiere of the film at the Arclight Hollywood on Wednesday, March 9, 2016, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)
Jennifer Garner, a cast member in “Miracles from Heaven,” poses at the premiere of the film at the Arclight Hollywood on Wednesday, March 9, 2016, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Describing life before the tree accident, Beam explained that Annabel had struggled with stomach problems since she was four years old. By the time that the accident unfolded Annabel — then 9 — was in monumental pain, taking 10 medications several times throughout each day.

“[Doctors] said, ‘Imagine having the stomach flu all the time. That’s what Annabel’s life is,” her mother told TheBlaze.

But after she climbed the tree that fateful day back in 2011, Beam said that everything changed.

The accident happened when Annabel and her sister climbed up 30 feet and sat on a branch. As that section of the tree began to crack, Annabel crawled into a hole in an effort to relieve weight from the branch, not realizing that the tree had hallowed out inside. It was then that she suddenly tumbled deep inside of the tree.

“She went head-first and ended up falling 30 feet … [and] landed on the top of her skull,” Beam said.

Dive deeper into Beam’s story by tuning into her 2015 interview with The Church Boys below:

It took rescue workers hours to get Annabel out of the tree, as her family waited in terror to assess their daughter’s condition; in the end, she was miraculously unharmed despite falling on her head and being entombed inside for hours.

But something even more bizarre happened the next day when Beam was talking with her daughter after the rescue.

“She turns to me and she says, ‘You know mommy, I went to heaven when I was in that tree,'” Beam recalled. “All I could say was, ‘Really?’ and … she says, ‘Yes, and I sat on Jesus’ lap and I wanted to stay, mommy, because there’s no pain in heaven.'”

Beam said that her daughter also told her that Jesus said that she would be healed of her stomach ailments — something that reportedly came to fruition, with the little girl now living a starkly different life just five years later.

“She’s on zero medications,” Beam said, adding that the little girl hasn’t been hospitalized for her stomach and can now eat whatever she wishes. Franklin, too, backed these claims, saying that he believes the story wholeheartedly.

Read more from a previous interview with Beam to see the specific details that convinced the mother that her little girl was telling the truth about her heaven experience.

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