‘C’mon Bill!’: Krauthammer Goes After O’Reilly for ‘Weaselly’ Take on Trump’s Rhetoric

Conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer challenged Bill O’Reilly Monday night for using a set of “weaselly” words to suggest Donald Trump needs to tone down his rhetoric.

The exchange came after Krauthammer chronicled Trump’s rhetoric on the campaign trial and asked O’Reilly if he was “letting Trump off the hook on this.”

“I’m not. And I’ve said he has to readjust his rhetoric,” O’Reilly said.

“C’mon Bill! Readjust his rhetoric? What kind of weaselly words are those? Readjust the rhetoric?” Krauthammer shot back.

“Alright,” O’Reilly replied. “I’m trying to deal with this in a fair and balanced way. Alright? So I think we are going to remove the word ‘weaselly’ from that.”

“It’s not enough!” Krauthammer quipped.

Trump has openly criticized O’Reilly for his coverage of him. After the last GOP debate, Trump argued the Fox News host had been negative toward him and said if he wanted to understand why he should talk to his psychiatrist.

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