Louisiana Police Officer Attempts Heroic Flood Water Rescue — Now He Reportedly Faces Disciplinary Action

A police officer in Haughton, Louisiana, will reportedly face disciplinary action after his police cruiser was swept away in flood waters as he attempted to rescue a stranded family during last week’s historic floods in the Bayou State.

That unidentified officer attempted to rescue Jamie Stathem and her two children after their SUV was swept off a road damaged by flood waters. However, in the process, the officer’s SUV was also swept away by the rising flood waters.

Image source: Stathem family via KSLA-TV
Image source: Stathem family via KSLA-TV

“He was just doing his job,” Stathem said of the officer, according to KSLA-TV. “It was the right thing to do.”

Despite the fact that the officer’s cruiser was also washed away, just knowing that he had come in an attempt to rescue her and her family made the difference, Stathem added.

“When that Haughton police officer was coming down the road, that’s what gave us the will power to give us the strength to keep holding on,” she said.

Fortunately, the family of three and the officer were quickly rescued by the Bossier Parish District 2 Fire Department via boat. However, the unidentified officer is under scrutiny and may face disciplinary action because when he attempted to rescue Stathem and her children, he was outside of his jurisdiction.

KSLA reports that Haughton Police Chief Rodney Farrington is slated to attend a special public meeting Tuesday night to discuss the officer’s actions, which allegedly were in violation of the department’s policies and procedures, though it’s not immediately clear which policy the officer broke.

Still, the officer, who anonymously spoke to KSLA, said despite the fact that he may face discipline, he would do it all again to save a life.

“Even though he was stuck out with us, I knew it made me feel better knowing he was that close,” Stathem said. “It was the sense of security we needed to hang on that night. Just knowing he was that close helped.”


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