MSNBC Host Matthews Caught on Hot Mic with Clinton Discussing Trump Coverage

While in the midst of a commercial break during Monday’s Democratic town hall in Springfield, Illinois, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Hillary Clinton chatted up politics, seemingly without knowing their microphones were still hot.

During the conversation, Matthews and Clinton discussed GOP front-runner Donald Trump and the two former candidates who have since endorsed his campaign: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews. (Getty Images/Teresa Kroeger)
MSNBC host Chris Matthews. (Getty Images/Teresa Kroeger)

“You guys can’t stop covering him,” Clinton told Matthews of the brash billionaire. “He is a dangerous presence. It’s just like candy by the bushel.”

Acknowledging that his network “obviously” has progressive leanings, Matthews replied, “But nobody can tell what people want to watch.”

“People must think they want to watch him,” Clinton interjected.

“They laugh at him,” Matthews said back.

Quickly turning to Christie, who Matthews said shouldn’t shouldn’t sit in “wingback” chairs because of his weight, Clinton questioned why he would support Trump. Without skipping a beat, Matthews claimed that Christie endorsed Trump because it would lead to a “political future.”

“[Democratic New Jersey Sen.] Cory Booker isn’t going anywhere,” Matthews said, adding that he doesn’t believe New Jersey will elect another Republican to the Senate. “There’s nowhere for Christie to go.”

During the rest of the commercial break, the duo talked about Carson, entertainers Tom Smothers and Ed Sullivan and the popular television show “Downton Abby.”

“Did you watch the end of Downton Abbey?” Matthews asked Clinton.

Listen to the audio below via the Washington Post:

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